Pleated pippi

Pleated cowl. Polypropylene. 16" x 28" x 12". 2016.

      Wash & fold

      Ink washes on pleated polypropylene. Ongoing. 48" x 17" x 3". 2016.

          Faceted tote bag

          Pleated tote bag. Black paper, glue. 13" x 23" x 4". 2015.

              White hot

              Pleated polypropylene. 60" x 60" x 1". 2015.

                  Kirigami type

                  Kirigami, a traditional cut and fold technique used to make pop up cards, applied to a found art book. 2015.

                      Hand drawn maps

                      Emergent, hand drawn maps on pleated paper. Variable dimensions. 2014.

                          Vintage maps

                          Vintage maps, pleated. Variable dimensions. 2013.

                              Computational drawings

                              Abstract comics created with custom made, semi-automatic drawing tools. 2002—2012.


                                  Generative architecture tools that supported the investigation of a pavillion installed at MOMA PS1. Collaboration with MOS. 2009.

                                    Bloomberg dynamic signage

                                    Kinetic typography prototyping for dynamic signage installed at Bloomberg HQ. Collaboration with Pentagrm Design. 2004.